Wrapping Up 2016

I don’t really know what to think about 2016.  I started out mourning  Peedee, while starting a new product called TopWaiter.  In between Guns n’ Roses came together and kicked some ass, but Jayne became sick and passed away this summer.  We’ve been super busy with fostering this year.  We already had a foster on 1/1/2016, and then six more have come through since then.  TopWaiter failed and I changed jobs to a place which I was totally unfamiliar with, and had to remember that this is how most people switch jobs.  I end the year reading more about Stoic philosophy and a daily routine of trying to make myself better.

I won’t go into 2017 making resolutions, I’m a little too tired of that idea frankly.  I’m gonna keep doing my daily Stoic routines, I’m going to continue to get better at my job, I’m going to continue to try to be the best husband I can, I’m going to take the dogs on walks/hikes as often as we can, and we’ll try to foster as many dogs as we can.  That’s what I can do for 2017.

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