More Deleting Twitter

Some “biggish” names have left Twitter:

Common reasons are the Twitter culture and what a time waster it is.  In addition, Zinnia Jones receives a lot of abuse on Twitter.   Since I never received any abuse on Twitter and it’s doubtful anyone would have targeted me anyway, I don’t have great standing to tell other people who are getting abused on Twitter to leave.  However, with Twitter’s active users probably around 200M a month, it’s dwarfed in size by Facebook.  Near as I can tell, the abuse profile of Facebook is somewhat smaller than Twitter.  So if you’re wasting a lot of time on Twitter, or receiving a lot of abuse, it’s not hard to suggest to just leave Twitter and stick to Facebook.  However, some people have really built up some large Twitter only followings, and that may be hard to give up.  I really wonder, though, if Twitter will be able to ever fix their culture problem, or if it will just take tons of big names leaving Twitter altogether for them to even try.


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