No Pixel For Me


Coming into yesterday’s Google announcement, I had gone through many ups and downs how I felt about the prospect of the new phones.  In fact, I wrote an article about switching to the iPhone for a year.  I was super serious about that too.  A couple weeks ago, I thought it was a real possibility I might switch, just to try something new.

Then I tried to use iOS 10 on my iPhone SE dev phone.  Kind of a miserable experience for me, after using Android for so long.  So much of my workflow depends on how Android works.  My password manager of choice, LastPass works so much better on Android.  It’s very easy to share to different apps, where in iOS you depend on the sharesheet implementations, which seems pretty hit and miss.  I began to heare more about the phones and started to get excited again.

Yesterday’s event was pretty awesome.  The Pixel and Pixel XL look like amazing phones.  The Daydream View VR headset looks incredible.  While not appropriate for my home, the Google Home looks pretty sweet.  I thought all the new hardware was amazing.  I pre-ordered a Silver 128GB Pixel XL as soon as I could.  I added the device protect plan which I really got a lot out of for my 6P.  The price tag?  $1013.00.


I preordered knowing I had plenty of time to change my mind.  I preordered knowing I would have to think about it.   This morning I canceled my order.  I can’t justify spending that much on a phone.  Yeah, I would love that camera, but I think I’d rather spend 250 ish for a point and shoot.  My wife has a four year old small point and shoot that kills any smart phone.  I have Google assistant via Allo.  I don’t see any feature I actually need right now.  So, in the end.  I feel pretty good about canceling.  I really like my 6P.  I’m back to using a 2013 Nexus 7 which is the best small tablet ever made.  I’ve sold off my Pixel C and Nexus 9.  My Kindle paperwhite is still chugging along.  What gives me the most satisfaction is finding new way to enhance the audio with good headphones.  I love my customer case.

So, I think I’m skipping this round of the Google Phone.  Prices might come down,  and the awesome looking blue phone might be available in 128GB some day.  Even if that happens, meh.  Who knows.  Pretty happy with where I’m at though.

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