So Yeah, I Might Switch To the iPhone

I didn’t find the new iPhone 7’s all that interesting, but the initial reports of the new Pixel phones from Google have me wondering if they’ll be even less interesting.  The Nexus 6P is a great phone, and it’s something Google should be building off of.  I really like Android, and I find my work flow is much easier in Android.  Why switch?

In one word: Courage.  I mean, Change.  My plan, if the Pixel phones are a let down, is to switch to iPhone for a year, but staying within the Google ecosystem.  I’m not crazy enough to switch and start using Apple’s services.  I’m not a masochist. No, I would switch, to do something different, to drastically change the environment of the device I use to manage my day, take pictures, edit pictures, read news, communicate with friends, plan for my future.  You name it, my life runs through phone.  Well, the actual phone part is a lot smaller deal, but all the other services are important.  My choice would be an iPhone 7 Plus, probably in silver.  The loss of a headphone jack sucks, so I would probably have to buy a handful of dongles, but I could be ok with that if I change a few bits of my listening habits.

I’ve tried a lot of Android phones, and I always come back to Nexus.  I’m hoping that the new Pixel phones will be interesting.  It seems weird that Google would be doing this much hype for vanilla, so we’ll see.  I’d say the odds are 60% I stay with Android and 40% I go with iPhone.

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