Thoughts on Heading to CSICon 2016


So after not really having any plans to go, a few things changed, and last week I made it official.  Plane ticket, conference ticket, and hotel room all booked up.  At first glance, this conference is trying very hard to be the next TAM, and that does seem weird to me.  It’s in Vegas, George Hrab is hosting, James Randi will be there, there will be papers, etc.   Some of the artwork and social media posts try a little too hard, but whatever.  The main reason I’m going is to see some friends, and at this point, I barely know the schedule or guests.  I probably won’t even worry about it until Thursday night when the traditional reception will be.  Whatever happens happens.  I only have a few generic plans.  I want to get some vegan pizza, some vegan General Tso’s chicken, and I want to hit the High Roller at night.  Other than that, I will just be going with the flow.  The last TAM I went to, I barely paid attention to the schedule then, so a lot things were pleasant surprises.

But really, this comes down to seeing some friends I don’t have a chance to see very often and who knows when the next time will be.  The conference could be a disaster, and I’ll still make a good time of it.

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