Accepting the Poor Broadband I Have



When we first moved here we had a 3Mbps download connection from CenturyTel, now known as CenturyLink.  This was 2007, right before broadband speeds started to explode around here.  It was adequate for work, and was able to ssh, do voice calls, and such.  After two years, in 2009, they upgraded our speed to 10 Mbps.  This was much better, making things like Netflix far more usable.  Unfortunately, though, Centurylink tends to oversell areas and that’s what’s happened here a number of times since then.  I’m one of the only people in this area to complain, because I use the Internet so much.  I eventually added a second DSL line, and we have a specialized router called a Balance 20 from PepLink that does a good job of load balancing our traffic over two separate connections.

CenturyLink, who used to do a lot of work to maintain their monopoly here, is no longer going to upgrade local speeds it looks like.  If you look at CenturyLink’s Facebook page and forum at DSLReports, they have a terrible reputation.  Fiber is coming, though, finally.  It probably won’t come to me, because I live too far outside the city limits, but you never know with wireless.  Also, if people around here move off of DSL, it might help with nighttime congestion.

But all this means, that I have to accept that as long as I live here, I will have 2 DSL connections that run 10 Mbps down, and 768Kbps up.  That’s it.  It’s not awful, we can still watch Netflix pretty reliably, and Dish network has been pretty good to us.  I can do video, audio, a decent amount of gaming.  It just means that I won’t be able to take advantage of higher bandwidth content, it means at night, our Netflix will probably be in SD not HD.  It means that instead of watching Met games, I’m better off listening to the radio feed.  Again, it’s not terrible, and I should stop acting like “it sucks”.  It just is.

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