When a Chore Is No Longer a Chore


It’s been a little rough around here the last few years, dog wise.  In November, Peedee passed away from lung cancer, and in late July this year, Jayne also passed away from lung cancer.   Jayne’s passing is still raw for me, because of how close I was to the whole thing, and how I keep thinking if I’d done one thing different should she still be around.  I know it’s not my fault, that she was going to pass away because of runaway cancer cells in her lungs, but the what-ifs run through my brain every night.  And lets not forget May of 2013, when Ralphie and Kaylee left us.

Still, we have three other dogs that need our care, and last week we had another scare when Mags had a really bad dizzy spell.  Turns out it was just dehydration, and she quickly recovered once she was treated.  Yesterday, after having just about a week off, it was time to return Mags to her water therapy.  Water therapy allows Mags to get a really good workout, while not stressing her old joints.  It’s been really good for her, and she has maintained far better mobility than every vet has told us to expect.  O-Ren is in the pool to lose weight.  Part of our everyday is seeing what we need to do for water therapy.  Do I need to run the filter, do I need to run some chemicals through, do I need to clean the filter, do we need to put the heater in, etc.  To be fair, Kelly handles 90% of the sessions, but I help out, too.  I kind of looked at it like a chore, partly because I was only doing it some of the time, partly because I wasn’t present during the sessions.  After Peedee passed, I made changes to how I did the sessions, that turned it from a chore into 40 minutes of alone time with Mags and Rennie.  I sit down inside the pool with them.  I have something to listen to the in the background, that is kind of like audio junk food, that keeps from me from drifting off.  I keep Mags and Rennie swimming, I scratch their ears, I let them lick my face.  Nothing is around forever, and I should do a better job appreciating the here and now.

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