Mags Doesn’t Want Me To Have Hair


Mags has decided I should not have hair and what hair I do have, should be grey.  She gave us all a big scare this morning by having a really bad dizzy spell.  The last time one of our dogs had dizzy spells, well, it didn’t end well.  I took her to the emergency vet, and the diagnosis is she was almost certainly dehydrated.  She’s got some GI issue probably caused by some puppy food she got into, or maybe some parasite she picked up outside, and the result of that is she’s not able to keep enough water.  They ran blood tests, checked her heart and lung sounds, did a quick neurological checkup, and everything was normal except for her dehydration.  She she received fluids which make her look a little like jello, some meds, and some prescription food.

The upshot is she should be fine in a couple days, and we’ve lost some hairs while gaining some gray ones.


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